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We regularly publish posts on ‘’, a website about water treatment including water filtration, water softening and water testing. Thereby we mainly focus on professional water treatment products, that can be used for residential purposes.

If you advertising on our blog, you will reach people interested in technology and health. Among our readers you will find fitness coaches, students, self-employed individuals and companies, who want to ensure that the water they drink benefits their well-being.

Visitor numbers are continuously increasing every day since we started the website in the spring of 2017. In July 2017 we counted 100 unique visitors per day (Source: Google Analytics).

Block Placements

As shown in the illustration below, there are 4 different advertising blocks that can be rented on our site.

advertising blocks

  1. at the top of each article below the headline (about 2500 impressions/month)
    • block size is 800×120 pixels with a very high CTR due to its placement at the very top
    • 1 available advertising space for $50USD/month
  2. below the top of each article on the right side (about 2500 impressions/month)
    • block size is 350×350 pixels with a high CTR due to its placement close to the top
    • 1 available advertising space for $42USD/month
  3. at the bottom of each article (about 800 impressions/month)
    • block size is 600×120 pixels with a lower CTR
    • 2 available advertising spaces each for $15USD/month

If the banner placement you are looking for is not available at present, there still is the possibility that it will become available in the following weeks. Therefore, feel free to get in touch with us and we will put you on our waiting list.

If you are planning to rent 1 or more banner placements for a longer period of time, we are more than happy to negotiate a new price rate. We accept payments via bank transfer, credit card and PayPal.