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Water Filters

Water filters are incredibly important since we use them to make the water we consume safe and healthy. Water filters are a priority if you are drinking tap water and you care about the health of your family.

Water Pipes

Water Pipes

The material a water pipe is made off will not only affect the quality but also the taste of water flowing through it. Common pipe materials are PVC, CPVC, copper or PEX. It is a necessity to determine, which the best option is for your needs and your home.

Water Tanks

Water Tanks

Water tanks are also crucial if you need to store a lot of water for a company, household or a farm. There are different water tanks that you can choose from, but the material that it is made of could make all the difference.

Water Softeners

Water Softeners

Water softeners are a great way to reduce water hardness. There are a ton of softeners to choose from, but investing time into picking out the right one for you is time well spent. Salt-based, dual tank and magnetic models are the best water softeners that you can get these days.

Water Pumps

Water Pumps

In case you are using water from a well or your water pressure is simply too low, you will need a water pump. Make sure you pick the one that has the capacity that you need, but also take into consideration energy efficiency.

Water Containers

Specialized Water Containers

Specialized water containers can make your life a lot easier, especially if you prefer to drink tap water. There are bottled containers that add essential minerals to the water they contain.

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Water Treatment – Testing & Purification

Purifying water is a process that can be done in several ways and depending on the method you choose, results can be a lot different. If you are interested in purifying the water in your household, you should take the time to learn more about the efficiency of different water treatment methods and technologies and also about water testing. Later you can implement the purification method of your choice.

Full Service Plumbing Contractors

Installing a simple reverse osmosis unit below the kitchen sink might be something many of us are able to manage without much difficulty, even though we aren’t professional plumbers. However, integrating a whole house filtration system or a water softener in your house’s water supply, is a different story altogether.

In this case, we advice you to seek out a local and trustworthy service contractor, that has the expertise do fulfill the task at hand without any setbacks. Maybe you have a friend, family member or neighbor who can introduce you to just the right person?

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